The Legend of King Arthur Tour

In this tour we journey through Cornwall’s magnificent landscape, exploring the stunning coastline, mystical moorland and ancient villages. From the ruins of Tintagel Castle to the bleakness of Dozmary Pool on Bodmin Moor we will tread in the footsteps of King Arthur.

We spend the morning in Tintagel, a small village set high on the North Cornwall cliffs, occupied since at least the late Roman period. We will make our first stop at King Arthur’s Great Halls, the only intact building in the world dedicated to the Arthurian Legend. We will immerse ourselves in the story of King Arthur through a short tour inside the Great Halls.

tintagel national trust tourtintagel national trust tour

We could then learn more of the history of Tintagel, Cornwall and the Celts of the Dumnonii tribe who inhabited Cornwall and built 40 Cliff Castles around the county, in the visitor centre of Tintagel.

Our next stop will be Tintagel Castle itself, after a look at the English Heritage presentation we will head up the cliff and explore the remains of the Dark Age settlement and the medieval ruins of the Great Hall and Chapel. A great place for a photo or two is with the cliff top sculpture inspired by the legend of King Arthur and Tintagel’s royal past.

After lunch our next destination is Boscastle, a beautiful and romantic village and harbour sitting at the bottom of a steep valley, giving it a unique charm and air of mystery.
We can follow the river and take in the rugged beauty as we make our way to the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic, housing the world’s oldest and largest collection of items relating to magic, witchcraft and the occult.

boscastle national trust tourboscastle national trust tour

We will then head away from the coast and inland to Bolventor on Bodmin Moor and Dozmary Pool, the legendary home of The Lady of The Lake and where Excalibur was returned to her having been thrown by Sir Bedivere, one of King Arthur’s closest companions.

Itinerary (timings are approximate)

9.00 am – Collection from your accommodation
Morning – We will travel to Tintagel, situated high on the rugged North Cornwall coast and explore the myths and legends of King Arthur.
12.30pm – Lunch in a traditional Cornish Inn.
Afternoon – After discovering the delights of Boscastle we head to the rugged and mystical Bodmin Moor.
5.30pm – Return to your accommodation.

Image credits – Adam Gibbard, Matthew Jessop and Visit Cornwall